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months in the early part of 1842:—Man killed, 100 sheep taken, and hut robbed of everything it contained, including a double-barrelled gun, with ammunition; 300 sheep and 100 tons of potatoes destroyed; five horses taken and several head of cattle killed; eighty-nine calves killed or driven off; two men wounded—the station attacked four times. Six hundred sheep taken, of which 130 were recovered; hut robbed, and two double-barrelled guns taken; ten cows and forty calves killed; hut attacked several times, and man severely wounded. Three flocks attacked simultaneously, one of which was taken away, and the shepherd desperately wounded; the major part eventually recovered. Man taken, but rescued. Two hundred sheep taken, and shepherd speared. A shepherd fired at. Four horses taken, station and flock of sheep attacked, and shepherd dreadfully wounded. Two horses killed, hut robbed, and men driven off the station. A shepherd killed—found with a spear through his heart. One horse and 330 sheep taken, and man wounded. Six hundred and ten sheep taken, and man killed. Seven hundred sheep taken, but mostly recovered. One hundred and eighty sheep taken, station attacked and robbed, and hutkeeper severely wounded. A very valuable bull killed, and a number of calves. Six cows, three bullocks, twenty calves, 800 ewes and lambs driven off, and man killed.

Here we have a list of four men killed and eight wounded within the brief period of two