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them far out on the water, and they have come in to observe me—swimming in close to the shore, moving round uneasily, and diving from time to time. This specimen was one of a pair which behaved in this way: they came in shore to observe me, and enabled me to shoot one.

In Central Patagonia. Durnford says of this Grebe:—"Resident. Observed constantly in a large brackish lake in the Chupat Valley in September, and subsequently seen in lagoons in the valleys of the Sengel and Sengelen, and in Lake Colguape." In the Province of Buenos Ayres he found these birds "common, except during spring and summer. They are found both singly and in small parties."

I was under the impression that a bird of this sort, when frequenting the sea, would feed on fish.

In the stomach of this specimen I found a compact mass of feathers and fragments of skin, apparently of some water bird or water birds.




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Habitat.—Patagonia and Southern Chili, to Cape Horn; the Falkland Islands; South Georgia.

The Jackass Penguin has impressed all voyagers, in all time, as a chief feature of these regions; and has furnished