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The afternoon in softened glory
Bathed each green swell and waving tree,
And the broad park spread before me
Stretched towards the boundless sea.

And there I stood when he had left me,
With ashy cheek and tearless eye,
Watching the ship whose sail bereft me
Of life and hope, and love and joy.

It past: that night I sought a pillow
Of sleepless woe and grieving lone;
My soul still bounded o'er the billow,
And mourned a love for ever flown.

Yet smiling bright in recollection
One blissful hour returns to me;
The letter told of firm affection,
Of safe deliverance from the sea.

But not another; fearing, hoping,
Spring, winter, harvest glided o'er;
And time at length brought power for coping
With thoughts I could not once endure.

And I would seek in summer evening
The place that saw our last farewell,
And there a chain of visions weaving,
I'd linger till the curfew bell.

December 14, 1837.