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It's over now; I've known it all;
I'll hide it in my heart no more,
But back again that night recall,
And think the fearful vision o'er.

The evening sun in cloudless shine
Has passed from summer's heaven divine,
And dark the shades of twilight grew,
And stars were in the depth of blue,
And in the heath or mountain far
From human eye and human care,
With thoughtful thought and tearful eye,
I sadly watched that solemn sky.


The wide cathedral Isles are lone,
The vast crowds vanished every one;
There can be naught beneath that dome
But the cold tenants of the tomb.

O look again, for still on high
The lamps are burning gloriously;
And look again, for still beneath
A thousand thousand live and breathe.

All mute as death beyond the shrine

That gleams in lustre so divine