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'Why sank so soon the summer sun
From our Zedona's skies?
I was not tired, my darling one,
Of gazing in thine eyes.

'Methought the heaven, whence thou hast come,
Was lingering there awhile;
And earth seemed such an alien home
They did not dare to smile.

'Methought each moment, something strange
Within their circles shone,
And yet, through every magic change,
They were my darling's own.

'Methought—what thought I not, sweet love?
My whole heart centred there;
I breathed not but to send above
One gush of ardent prayer.

'Bless it! My gracious God!' I cried.
'Preserve Thy mortal shrine,
For Thine own sake, be Thou its guide,
And keep it still divine—

'Say, sin shall never blanch that cheek,
Nor suffering change that brow.
Speak, in Thy mercy, Maker, speak,
And seal it safe from woe.