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Loud was the sudden gust of woe
From those who watch around;
Rosina turned and sought to know
Why burst that boding sound.

'What then, my dreams are false,' she said,
Come, maidens, answer me;
Has Almadore in battle bled!
Have slaves subdued the free?

'I know it all; he could not bear
To leave me dying far away;
He fondly, madly lingered here
And we have lost the day!

But check those coward sobs, and bring
My robes, and smooth my tangled hair;
A noble victory you shall sing
For every hour's despair!

'When will he come? 'Twill soon be night;
We'll come when evening falls;
Oh! I shall weary for the light
To leave my lonely halls!'

She turned her pallid face aside,
As she would seek repose;
But dark Ambition's thwarted pride
Forbade her lips to close.