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'Yet I will swear, no saint on high
A truer faith could prove;
No angel from that holy sky
Could give thee purer love.

'For thee thro' never-ending years
I'd suffer endless pain;
But only give me back my tears,
Return my love again!'

Many a time, unheeded, thus
The reckless man would pray;
But something woke an answering flush
On his lady's brow to-day;
And her eye flashed flame, as she turned to speak
In concord with her reddening cheek.

'I've known a hundred kinds of love;
All made the loved one rue;
And what is thine that it should prove
Than other love, more true?

'Listen! I've known a burning heart,
To which my own was given;
Nay, not with passion, do not start,
Our love was love from heaven:
At least if heavenly love be born
In the pure light of childhood's morn,
Long ere the poison-tainted air

From this world's plague—few rises there;