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Importation of Copies. HI

have infringed copyright if printed in the United Kingdom, or other g 14

part of the British dominions. In the case of any British posses- ^

sion, the Ci'own has power by Order in Council to remove the existing law. prohibition against the importation of foreign reprints into such possession, provided proper steps have been taken to protect the proprietor of the copyright by way of collection of royalties or otherwise (.7).

Under the Canada Copyright Act, Canadian reprints of books copyrighted in Canada may not be imported into the United King- dom, but otherwise there is no prohibition against the importation of Colonial reprints (/t).

��iff) Colonial Copyright Act, 1847 (10 & 11 Vict. c. 95). (h) Canada Copyright Act, 1875 (38 & 39 Vict. c. 53),

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