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130 Copyright Act, 1911.

§19(7). the making, or authorising the making,

of contrivances by means of which the work may ])e mechanically performed shall belong to the author or his legal personal representatives and not to the assignee, and the royalties aforesaid shall be payable to, and for the benefit of, the author of the work or his legal personal representatives :

(d) The saving contained in this Act (a) of the

rights and interests arising from or in connexion with action taken before the commencement of this Act shall not be construed as authorising any person who has made contrivances by means of which the work may be mechanically performed to sell any such contrivances, whether made before or after the passing of this Act, except on the terms and subject to the conditions laid down in this section :

(e) Where the work is a work on which copy-

right is conferred by an Order in Council relating to a foreign country (b), the copyright so conferred shall not, except to such extent as may be provided by the Order, include any rights with re- spect to the making of records, j^er- forated rolls, or other contrivances by

��(«) Sect. 24 (I) (b). (b) Sect. 29.

�� �