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��Copyright Act, 1911.


Application of Act to British dominions.

��Application to British Possessions.

26. — (1) This Act, except such of the provi- sions thereof as are expressly restricted to the United Kingdom, shall extend throughout His Majesty's dominions : Provided that it shall not extend to a self-governing dominion, unless de- clared by the Legislature of that dominion to be in force therein either without any modifications or additions, or with such modifications and additions relating exclusively to j)rocedure and remedies, or necessary to adapt this Act to the circumstances of the dominion, as may be enacted by such Legislature.

(2) If the Secretary of State certifies by notice published in the London Gazette that any self- governing dominion has passed legislation under which works, the authors whereof Vv^ere at the date of the making of the works British subjects resident elsewhere than in the dominion or (not being British subjects) were resident in the parts of His Majesty's dominions to which this Act extends, enjoy within the dominion rights sub- stantially identical with those conferred by this Act, then, whilst such legislation continues in force, the dominion shall, for the purposes of the rights conferred by this Act, be treated as if it were a dominion to which this Act extends ; and

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