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Revised Convention of Berne.

For Great Britain:

(l.s.)   H. G. Bergne.
(l.s.)   George R. Askwith.
(l.s.)   J. De Salis.

For Italy:

(l.s.)   Pansa.
(l.s.)   Luigi Eoux.
(l.s.)   Samuele Ottolenghi.
(l.s.)   Emilio Venezian.
(l.s.)   Avv. Augusto Ferrari.

For Japan:

(l.s.)   Mizuno Rentaro.
(l.s.)   Horiguchi Kumaichi.

For the Liberian Republic:

(l.s.)   Von Koerner.

For Luxembourg:

(l.s.)   Count De Villers.

For Monaco:

(l.s.)   Baron De Rolland.

For Norway:

(l.s.)   Klaus Hoel.

For Sweden:

(l.s.)   Taube.
(l.s.)   P. M. Af Ugglas.

For Switzerland:

(l.s.)   Alfred Von Claparède.
(l.s.)   W. Kraft.

For Tunis:

(l.s.)   Jean Gout.