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( 185 )



for private study, 27 newspaper summary, 26, 28 old law, " fair abridgments," 31

ADDRESSES. See Lectures.

ARCHICTURAL Works. See Artistic Works.

definition of, 163

right to make paintings, photographs, &c. of, 33

restriction on remedies in case of infringement of, 88 no injunction where building commenced, 88 no right to recover " infringing copies," 88, 89 no summary remedies, 89

nature of protection given to architects, 89

Artistic Works. See Copyright — Unpublished Wo7'ks — Archi- tectural Works — Designs— Photographs— Term of Copyright- Author — Ownership of Copyright — Infringement — Royalty Clause — Civil Remedies — Summary Remedies — International Copyright — British Possessions.

definition of, 162

use of mould or study, &c., by author who has parted with copyright, 31, 32 old law, 32

right to make and publish paintings, photographs, &g. of works of sculpture and architecture, 33

copyright in engravings, photographs and portraits executed on commission vests in employer, 53, 55

penalties in respect of fraudulent signing, initialling or alter- ing of artistic work, 101 — 104

Assignment. See Ownership of Copyright.