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( 185 )




for private study, 27
newspaper summary, 26, 28
old law, "fair abridgments," 31

Addresses. See Lectures.

Architectural Works. See Artistic Works.

definition of, 163
right to make paintings, photographs, &c. of, 33
restriction on remedies in case of infringement of, 88
no injunction where building commenced, 88
no right to recover "infringing copies," 88, 89
no summary remedies, 89
nature of protection given to architects, 89

Artistic Works. See Copyright—Unpublished Works—Architectural Works—Designs—Photographs—Term of Copyright—Author—Ownership of Copyright—Infringement—Royalty Clause—Civil Remedies—Summary Remedies—International Copyright—British Possessions.

definition of, 162
use of mould or study, &c., by author who has parted with copyright, 31, 32
old law, 32
right to make and publish paintings, photographs, &g. of works of sculpture and architecture, 33
copyright in engravings, photographs and portraits executed on commission vests in employer, 53, 55
penalties in respect of fraudulent signing, initialling or altering of artistic work, 101—104

Assignment. See Ownership of Copyright.