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Colonies. See British Possessions.

Commencement or Act,

date of coming into operation, 167

Commission. See Ownership of Copyright.

Common Law. See Unpublished Works.

Compilations. See Literary Works.

Compulsory Licence. See Royalty Clause—Records.

where work is withheld from the public, 51


action to restrain publication in breach of, 9, 159


to infringe copyright, an indictable offence, 100, 101

Conversion. See Civil Remedies.

Copyright. See Term of Copyright—Ownership of Copyright—Infringement—Civil Remedies—Summary Remedies—Royalty Clause—Compulsory Licence—British Possessions—International Copyright.

territorial range of Copyright Act, 1 , 2
old law, 3
conditions precedent to protection, 2, 3, 5, 7
old law, 6, 8, 25
power to exclude works of foreign authors, 138
definition of, 11, 12
what rights included in, 12, 13
statutory exceptions from the sole right of reproduction and
performance, 13
rights included in, under old law, 14

Costs. See Civil Remedies.


fair dealing for purpose of, 28
old law, 29

Crown. See Government Publications—Bible—Prayer Book.

Damages. See Civil Remedies.

Death. See Will.

passing of copyright on, 63