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The subjoined letter was read at the Agricultural Conference at Willis' Rooms in April 1827, Mr. Mundella, M.P., being in the Chair.

April 27, 1872.

Dear Mr. Mundella.

An invitation has been sent me to attend a Meeting at Willis's Rooms on Agricultural Interests, at which I see you are to be in the Chair. I fear I shall not be able to be there; but as a request is made in the invitation to offer an opinion, and as you seemed to take an interest in the paper I read at Leeds bearing on the subject, I venture to send you two or three observations, the result of my own practical experience; and you can make any use of the letter you think fit.

It appears to me that this movement, if wisely directed, may be a great opportunity of permanently improving the condition of the Agricultural labourer, and, at the same time, benefitting the employer, or farmer, by improving the quality of his labour. For if you raise the wages, you ought also to raise the labourer, and I think it might be shown that the ordinary able-bodied labourer, with increased alacrity