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Girls' Departments.—One of £5; two of £2; eight of £1; fifteen of 10s.; thirty of 5s.

The following list will indicate on what lines suggestions may be made:

1. Comfort, safety, or health of employés.

2. Means by which waste of material may be avoided.

3. Saving of time or expense.

4. Improvements in machinery or in methods of working.

5. Introduction of new goods, or new ideas.

6. Calling attention to any existing defects.

7. Suggestions affecting athletic and other clubs and societies, libraries, magazine, etc.

8. Any suggestion not included in the above list will be welcomed.


Everyone, including foremen and forewomen, is encouraged to make suggestions which, if of value, will be eligible for the prizes mentioned above (excepting those sent in by foremen and forewomen).

Suggestions should be written on or attached to the forms which will be found on each box, the boxes being fixed in the various departments, also in the entrance lodges, dining-rooms, and recreation grounds. Suggestions can be placed in any of these.