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yet we have no seminary over which we have any control. It is our judgment, that it would be for the furtherance of the gospel, and the general good, that a seminary should be founded in which some of our religious young men might be educated under the particular inspection of able men of the same sentiments. God having put into our heart a strong desire, that such an event might be amicably and speedily accomplished, your Petitioners humbly pray your honorable body to take their request into your wise and benevolent consideration, and grant them, for the furtherance of their object, a [township][1] tract of good land, and cause it to be located as nighly in the centre of the district, and as conveniently situated, as in your wisdom you may find convenient. For, it is contemplated, should it be deemed advisable by the Trustees, that the seminary be on the very [town][1] tract, which your honorable body may see fit to grant for its encouragement.

Your petitioners further pray, That your honorable body will cause the Overseers and Trustees of the proposed Seminary, to be appointed [from among the Ministers and churches of their own denomination][1] with the powers and privileges which in such cases are, by law made and provided, And as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Daniel Merrill Committee in behalf

The Lincoln

Saml Baker
Samuel Stinson
Joseph Bailey
Hezekiah Prince
Phineas Pillsbury
Benj'n Burton
Robert Low Committee in behalf

The Bowdoinham

Thos Francis
Oliver Billings
Joseph Killgore
Joseph Palmer
John Robinson
Saml Swett
Caleb Blood Committee Cumberland
John Haines
Thomas Green
Sylvanus Boardman
Ransom Norton
Benjamin Titcomb
Thomas Beck

This document bears the following endorsements:

(1) "In the House of Reps. Jany 20, 1812. Read & Committed to Mr. Smith of W. S., Mr. Webb of Boston, a Mr. Hovey of Mount Vernon & Mr. Coburn of Canaan with such as the Honorable Senate may join—El. W. Ripley, Speaker."

"In the Senate Jany 22d 1812. Read and Concurred and the Hon. Messrs. King, Hastings and Hazard are joined of the Committee accordingly. Sam. Dana, Prest."

(2) "Petition of Daniel Merrill and others."

Why Daniel Merrill presented the petition in place of the Rev. Caleb Blood does not concern us here. Mr. Smith in his biography of Merrill answers that question fully. We are concerned with the peti-

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Words in brackets scratched out in petition.