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heard that the Prince was coming and landed, and how he was received, he lamented sadly, and curst and damned all about him, crying, ' O God ! O God ! O God ! I turn'd too soon, I turn'd too soon.' " *

In December the grand jury of Middlesex found a bill of high treason against him for turning Papist, " and presented his troop for a nuisance in riding the streets armed, contrary to law." He endeavoured to escape with Lord Peterborough, but they were seized in Kent, and committed to the Tower. In the following October, the two Earls were impeached by the Commons and sent back to the Tower, where they remained until October, 1690, when, having petitioned the House of Lords, they were brought before the bar of that House and admitted to bail, each in two sureties of 5,000 apiece. 2

Meanwhile, Salisbury had sent two of his younger brothers, William and Charles, to "a popish seminary " in Paris, and a writ de homine replegiando had been brought against him in June, 1689, t compel him to fetch them home. This order he seems to have evaded, for soon after his release from the Tower, news came that the two youths " fell out in their bed and got up in their shirts and fought desperately before they could be parted, both of them much wounded." 3 The result of this quarrel was more serious than at first appeared, for William died of his

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