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To George Spalatin

Luther sends specimen of new edition of the New Testament, and begs for an income for Bugenhagen.


Grace and peace! Here you have the whole of the New Testament for yourself and the Elector, except the preface to the Romans, which will be ready to-morrow.

I also send a copy to the young Prince (John Frederick), which you may praise to your heart’s content.

Lukas Cranach and Christian counsel this. I fancy Wolfgang Stein has already sent one for the old Prince (Johann).

And I hope you will undertake to persuade the Elector to bestow one of the bursaries, or stipends, on Johann Pomeranus, which was so badly bestowed upon the sophist; for, next to Philip, he is the first theological lecturer in the town, indeed, in the whole world. I am most anxious to keep him here, for it is said—and it is true—they wish to have him in Erfurt, and who knows how long I may be allowed to remain! More of this again. Farewell, and pray for me. Martin Luther.

(Walch, v. 21. 466.)


In this year Frederick the Wise died in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church. John the Steadfast was a warm friend to Luther. Luther finishes lecturing on Deuteronomy. Luther married in June. Peasant revolt.


To John Brismann, Königsberg

Luther sent Brismann to Königsberg to promote the Reformation in Prussia, which he did.

January 11, 1525.

Grace and peace in the Lord! It is the letter-carrier’s fault, my Brismann, that you have not heard from me, and I almost lost this chance also.