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Teacher in Eisleben, died as Court preacher in Berlin 1556. Oecolampadius and Zwingli refuted. Queen of Denmark’s death.

February 18, 1526.

Grace and peace! Although I have really nothing to write about, still I wish to greet you and your wife, dear Agricola; for you must now know what you asked about in your letter, viz. fresh heresies. May God convert them!

For the most learned men in Swabia have written against OEcolampadius and Zwingli, and the book has been printed here. I fear they will not be pleased now with what they were so proud of before. The one heresy has given rise to five different sects, all of whom believe the same thing; but for different reasons, they will soon disappear.

Queen Elizabeth — the consort of the King of Denmark — has passed away, as King Christian himself has written. But she departed joyful in the faith, after receiving the Holy Communion in a truly Christian fashion, inspite of the efforts to make her return to the Papal faith. But Christ evidently wished to have a queen in heaven for once.

Pray remember the royal children’s tutor (Hofmeister) in your prayers, and greet your Elsie and all belonging to you. My Kathie also respectfully greets you all, and always holds you in esteem. Wishing you the best of health. MARTIN LUTHER .



In June of this year an Evangelical alliance was signed in Torgau, the Elector John and his heir being present.