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confidently, for your prayers will be answered and God will help. MARTIN LUTHER . (De Wette.)



August 15, 1530.

To my dearest Kathie Luther at Wittenberg.

Grace and peace in Christ, my dear Kathie! After closing your letter, I received letters from Augsburg, so I detained the messenger to let him take them with him.

You will see things remain much the same in Augsburg as I described them lately. Let Peter Weller and Herr Pommer read them to you. May God graciously continue to help, as He has hitherto done. I can write no more at present as the messenger is impatient. Greet our dear Sack and Hans Luther, with his tutor, to whom I shall write shortly. Greet Aunt Lene, and all the rest. We are eating ripe grapes although we have had much rain this month. God be with you all. Amen. From the desert. MARTIN LUTHER . P.S. — I am much annoyed at the printer’s delay in sending the proofs. I wished to send away copies, so hope they will soon be ready. (De Wette.)



Luther sends him his dedication of the 118th Psalm. August 22, 1530.

Most honored and highly esteemed Abbot in Christ — I hereby send the psalm Confitemini, which has appeared with your name. It is the only way in which I can acknowledge your kindness. But I fear that having your name alongside my execrated name may draw down as much hatred upon you as association with your honored name increases my influence. Should this be