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written by stealth, and much against the wish of my disease, and its progress at the printer’s is as slow. More of this when you come to visit us, which I hope you will do, so that we may have delightful converse before departing this life. For I feel symptoms of approaching age. May the Lord be graciously with you in truth. Amen. MARTIN LUTHER . WITTENBERG. (Schutze.)



Account of the Emperor’s coronation at Bologna.

November 2, 1530.

Grace and peace! Our people will have told you about our Emperor, for it is a long story. But this is certain. He intends coming to Germany soon, and it is expected he will be very indignant against us if the Turk does not bring him to another way of thinking, as was the case at Vienna, where he compelled the proudest Dukes of Bavaria to write humbly to the heretical princes for help. For the Turk is only putting off his time in Hungary, being determined to return to Germany in spring.

One of our ambassadors was here, who was sent by our Princes to the Emperor, and taken captive by him. He told of the pomp with which the Pope received his Majesty at Bologna, where he has been crowned. After the Emperor had kissed the Pope’s feet his Holiness said: “Your Majesty must forgive me, but I dislike having my feet kissed, but the ancient ceremonial demands this.”

The Emperor then knelt, and the Pope kissed him repeatedly on the cheek, after which his whole retinue was admitted to kiss the Papal feet.

Four thousand ducats were scattered among the people. Charles honored the Pope with a purse containing four thousand pieces of gold, with his own and his brother’s likenesses. They were called presentation gulden. The canons may triumph now, for they will soon perish, while