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Cape Donington, after Flinders' birthplace.

Port Lincoln, after the chief town in Flinders' native county.

Boston Island, Bay and Point, Bicker Island, Surfleet Point, Stamford Hill, Spalding Cove, Grantham Island, Kirton Point, Point Bolingbroke, Louth Bay and Isle, Sleaford Mere, Lusby Isle, Langton Isle, Kirkby Isle, Winceby Isle, Sibsey Isle, Tumby Isle, Stickney Isle, Hareby Isle. All Lincolnshire names, after places familiar to Flinders.

Dalby Isle, after the Rev. M. Tyler's parish.

Marum Isle, after the residence of Mr. Stephenson, Sir Joseph Banks' agent.

Spilsby Island, after the town where the Franklins lived.

Partney Isles, after the place where Miss Chappell lived, and where Flinders was married.

Revesby Isle, after Revesby Abbey, Banks' Lincolnshire seat.

Northside Hill.

Elbow Hill, from its shape.

Barn Hill, from the form of its top.

Mount Young, after Admiral Young.

Point Lowly.

Mount Brown, after the botanist.

Mount Arden, Flinders' great-grandmother's name.

Point Riley, after an Admiralty official.

Point Pearce, after an Admiralty official.

Corny Point, "a remarkable point."

Hardwicke Bay, after Lord Hardwicke.

Spencer's Gulf and Cape, after Earl Spencer.

Althorp Isles, after Lord Spencer's eldest son.

Kangaroo Island and Head.

Point Marsden, after the Second Secretary to the Admiralty.