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The Song of Hugh Glass


Cloth, 12mo, $1.25, also leather, $1.50

For the first time the essentially epic period of the American fur trade west of the Missouri River is celebrated in poetry. In "The Song of Hugh Glass" John G. Neihardt deals with our own great Northwest. His book goes a long way to disprove the statement that is sometimes made that America has little or no national poetry because it lacks heroic traditions upon which to build. Mr. Neihardt's theme is seen to be one not incomparable in possibilities with those of the great epics of literature. Its strictly national character and its newness in poetry will commend the volume to those who are following the renaissance of verse in this country.

"Of far more convincing interest than any narrative Masefield has told, with the possible exception of 'Dauber,' far more human, real, and powerful than any Noyes has yet exhibited. It is a big, sweeping thing, blazing a pathway across the frontiers of our national life."—Boston Transcript.

Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York