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and Infinite Series,

Make the first Term of , then will be the firſt Term of . Therefore will be the firſt Term of , and will be the firſt Term of . Theſe being collected, and their Signs changed, muſt be made the ſecond Term of , which will give for the ſecond Term of . Then the ſecond Term of will be and the ſecond Term of (by ſquaring) will be found and the firſt Term of will be which being collected and the Signs changed, will make the third Term of , half which will be the third Term of ; and ſo on as far as you pleaſe.

And thus if we were to extract the Cube-root of , or the Root of this Equation ; make , then by Subſitution , which ſupplemental Equation may be thus reſolved.