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pella with ideal interpretation. It is the Czech traditional musicianship which makes the members of these Associations sacrifice their time in exhausting rehearsals in order to secure a perfect result. Wherever they have sung, in France, Belgium, Germany, etc., the Czech Teachers have gone out victorious from the contest.

The pedagogical foundation for the educa-
tion of Bohemian musicians was laid, when there was established, in the year 1811, the Conservatory of Music of Prague, which is placed now in a beautiful building, called "Rudolphinum," in the Old Town, the most ancient borough of the city of Prague.[1] This in-
stitution has sent into the world a large num-
ber of excellent artists. Every leading sym-

  1. Prague, the metropolis of Bohemia, preserved its reputa-
    tion of eminence in musical art. In this town Mozart spent the happiest days of his life. After his fatherland despised its son, Bohemia welcomed the great master with open arms. He was understood by the people among whom he so gladly lived. Prague, the city of antique magnificence, was the place where Don Giovanni was written in order to express the thanks of the great master to his "dearest citizens of Prague," for their ardent reception.