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To capitalists—To labourers—To men of small fortune and large family—To young men of good fortune—To younger branches of the nobility.

Every capitalist going to the colony will know that his want of labour is sure to be supplied. Nay, having satisfied the Commissioners that he will employ any given number of labourers, or domestic servants, he may take that number along with him, free of cost to himself. What is far more important, he will be able to retain their services until others shall arrive to take their place. In Canada, New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land, South Africa, and Western Australia, servants taken out by capitalists under engagement to work for high wages during a fixed period, invariably quit their masters.

"Reflecting on the urgent want of labour that occurs in all colonies which prosper, we may be sure that great pains have been taken by people in colonies, to devise some means of obtaining a supply of labour from old countries. The supplies of labour obtained by kidnapping in the old English colonies of America, by the late immigration of poor Germans into the United States; poor Germans, who, ignorant of the laws and language of America, were liable to be held in a state of