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(Office, No. 7, John-Street, Adeiphi.)

Amongst those who, with their families, propose to settle in the new Colony of Sonth Australia, are some dissenters from the Church of England; and they are engaged in raising funds for the purpose of establishing their mode of worship. The emigrating members of the Church of England also, are most anxious that the faith and discipline to which they subscribe, should be planted from the very beginning and preserved for their children, by means of a sufficient religious establishment. With this view, they are prepared to contribute towards a fund, to be vested in Trustees, for the purposes of building churches and clergymen's houses, and supporting clergymen in the colony.

Several members of the Church of England who do not intend to emigrate, desirous to promote the objects of fheir emigrating brethren, are also prepared to contribute towards the fund in question; and these two classes have formed themselves into a society for the purpose of collecting other subscriptions in aid of their object, and for making arrangements for the best investment and most beneficial application of the money subscribed.

The rules and regulations of the Society will not be finally settled until time shall have been allowed for