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Under the auspices of this Committee a large body of persons was collected, with the intention of settling in the intended colony; but the Committee having failed, after a long negotiation with his Majesty's government, to obtain the desired charter, those persons were dispersed, and the project was necessarily abandoned for a time.

At the beginning of the present year, another Society was formed, with the same objects, under the name of the South Australian Association; and measures having been taken to bring the subject more fully under the notice of his Majesty's government, it has been determined, that the colony shall be founded, not, indeed, as was formerly proposed, by means of a royal charter, but by act of Parliament. It will be seen presently that this mode of proceeding is, in some respects, preferable to that of a chartered company.

But, at all events, the South Australian Association, which it was proposed should be incorporated, with extensive powers, by means of a charter from the Crown, will continue their existence as a private but temporary Society, desirous to promote the happy establishment aud future prosperity of the colony. Here follows a list of their acting committee:—