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Advantage of introductory remarks—Natural features of extra-tropical Australia—Difference of temperature between the northern and southern hemispheres—Sterility of the sea-coast—The richest land not preferred, in Australia—The management of water totally neglected—Vulgar error as to the unfitness of Australia for agricultural purposes—Means of water-communication in the new colony—Description of the south coast of Australia—Opinions on that subject.

The information obtained upon this subject consists of the evidence of a number of persons who have visited the country. For two reasons, it requires some introductory remarks: first, because it is composed, for the most part, of naked statements of fact, from which no very satisfactory conclusion could be drawn without the aid of some guiding principles in the examination of them; secondly, because in order to prevent the English enquirer from applying some of those facts to wrong conclusions, it is necessary to lay before him other facts which may assist his judgment by means of analogy and comparison. A few mere hints, however, is all that can be offered in this little work.

1. Every known part of extra-tropical Australia presents some features which are peculiar to that part of the world; such as evergreen forests, animals never