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better formed. As the size of the kangaroos and general appearance of the natives on the site of the intended Colony has been ascertained, and can therefore be compared with the size and appearance of the animals on the other parts of Australia, these considerations should be kept in view in forming an estimate of the locality.

The substratum at Memory Cove is granite, mostly covered with calcareous rock, sometimes lying in loose pieces. The best evidence relative to this spot is that of Mr. Westall, who landed there and went three miles inland. He represents the land as being very good, the grass luxuriant, and the trees of a good size. From reference to sketches which he made at the time, he is of opinion that the land between Port Lincoln and Memory Cove is well wooded, and that the trees are of a good size. Sleaford Mere, a piece of water to the West of Memory Cove, is wooded down to the water's edge. Mr. Westall further states that water was found at Memory Cove, and that it was good, but in small quantities.

Flinders however remarks, that "all his researches could not discover water there, though it must exist in the neighbourhood, as traces of natives were found, and of so recent a date, that they must have been there not longer than a day before."

A seine was hauled upon the beach, and with such success that every man had two meals of fish, and some to spare for salting.

There appears to be much discrepancy in the accounts of the persons who have visited Port Lincoln and its immediate neighbourhood, relative to its distinguishing features. The account of Captain Flinders is decidedly unfavourable to the capabilities of that part of Australia for the establishment of a Colony; while that of the French navigators, Baudin and Freycinet, is quite the reverse; and this latter opinion is corroborated by Captain Goold and others who have since visited the spot. This discrepancy may have arisen from two causes, both