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but what the depth of water may be there, or whether any fresh stream falls into it, I am unable to state; the land, however, was better wooded, and had a more fertile appearance than any before seen in the neighbourhood. I called this place Hardwicke Bay."

Kangaroo Island been more thoroughly examined than any other part of the site of the intended colony. The best evidence is that of Captain Sutherland, who has given the following written report of his residence on the island during seven months.


Of a Voyage from Sydney to Kangaroo Island, and of Observations made, during a stay of seven months on and near the island, by Captain Sutherland, who in the year 1819 was employed by some merchants of Sydney to command a vessel of 140 tons, expressly fitted out for the purpose of obtaining a cargo of salt and seal skins from Kangaroo Island. Captain Sutherland has been engaged for many years in the trade between England and New Holland, and lately commanded the ship Lang.

London, October 4th, 1831.

On the 8th of January, 1819, we arrived at Kangaroo Island from Sydney, after a pleasant passage of fourteen days, during which nothing particular occurred to attract our attention. We anchored in Lagoon Bay, in about four fathoms water (sand and mud) close in-shore: our first object being to procure salt to ballast the ship and to cure skins. To facilitate this object two boats were despatched, with five men in each, to discover the salt lagoon, and ascertain where seals resorted to round the island. While these two boats were thus engaged, our other boat and three men were employed in searching for water, and examining the various bays and anchorages. During our ramble on this occasion we dis-