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producers of Van Diemen's Land, as well as cheap food, and an ample supply of cheap stock from the very beginning, the plantation in South Australia will be the same as a new settlement on Van Diemen's Land, if not better: it will be better, unless the supposed new settlement in the old colony were connected by the means of water-carriage with some district superabounding in food and stock. It seems needless to dwell further on this most important and satisfactory consideration.

Sailing Distances from and to Port Lincoln.
Place. Distance
in Miles.
Winds. Time,
Proper Seasons
From Port Lincoln to:
Timor 2700 Fav. at all Seasons. 20 All times of the year.
Java 2650 Ditto 18 Ditto
Madras 4700 Ditto 33 Ditto
Ceylon 4500 Ditto 32 Ditto
Isle of France 4400 Ditto 29 Ditto
C. of G. Hope 6000 Ditto 40 Ditto
England 11500 Variable. 105 Ditto
Van D. Land 800 Favourable. 6 Ditto
Sidney 1200 Favourable in general. 12 Ditto
To Port Lincoln from:
Timor 2700 Favourable at all Times. 23 At all Times.
Java 2650 Favourable. 18 Ditto
Madras 4700 Ditto by proper route. 36 Ditto
Ceylon 4500 Ditto 34 Ditto
Isle of France 4400 Variable, gen. Favourable. 29 Ditto
C. of G. Hope 6000 Strong and Favourable. 34 Ditto
England 11500 Ditto 100 Ditto
Launceston 700 Always easy. 6 Ditto
Sidney 1200 ... ... 12 Ditto