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pleasing feeling in the minds of those who may be directly or collaterally descended from the persons to whom they relate.

I have not throughout the whole work intentionally used a single expression disrespectful to any one, nor have I retained from either of the manuscripts, nor added of my own one new anecdote or tale capable by possibility of giving the least pain.

If an expression should be found, which in the opinion of any individual is at variance with these assertinos, I beg permission to apologize before I am accused, and to declare that the fault has been involuntary, and that I am not aware, at this instant, of any such fault existing.

Mr. Tonkin has mainly copied from Mr. Hals, and these portions of course have not been printed over again; but all his additions are preserved, with the greater part of his derivations, apparently much more accurate than those they are intended to confute.

Here it would have been wise, certainly it would have been prudent, for me to have concluded the work; but having acquired, through the course of a long life, the knowledge of many incidents, which, although of little general importance, may amuse persons taking an interest even in trifles connected with their immediate neighbourhoods, I have been induced to add under each parish, such matters as happened to occur to my recollection; using also in many cases the information drawn by Mr. Lysons from sources accessible