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matters relative to Cornwall, either not previously in print, or that cannot be obtained separately from large works, of which they form a part.

Mr. Scawen's Works, so far as they are contained in the Bodleian Library.

Leland's Itinerary.

Drayton's Polyolbion.

The Transcript of a Manuscript from the British Museum; proving, I believe, that even Mr. Whitaker, one without doubt among our most able and learned antiquaries, may be mistaken on a subject connected with the objects of his peculiar research.

There will be also some miscellaneous matters, and among them an Index to Mr. Carew's History; an addition greatly demanded also by another work, which would then become the most useful Corpus Historicum relating to our county.

There are several other manuscripts of Mr. Tonkin, chiefly copies from Mr. Hals of pedigrees, etc. but these I have not touched. And I have purposely abstained from every general topic relating to the county at large, as these have been amply discussed by our various historians.

The first in order of time, the most interesting and most entertaining, is Mr. Carew.

This work was first published in 1602, a second edition came out in 1723, and a third, chiefly through the exertions of the late Mr. John Price of Penzance, in 1769. But the edition far exceeding all the others, with highly valuable additions, and with copious notes, was given to the public in 1811 by the late Lord Dunstanville, in one vol. 4to,