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castles of Pendennis and Plymouth, which soon after was performed, on condition of the Earl's holding his former dominion as governor of those places under him; whereupon he caused the Prince's declarations to be first proclaimed or published in those garrisons amongst the soldiers; who received and heard the same with great joy, shouts, and acclamations, to the utter destruction of King James's jurisdiction and power in Cornwall and Devon, and establishing that prince's.

At this time were dispersed those rhymes, said to be made by father Peters:

" Henricus Octavus

Sold the land that God gave us;

But Jacobus Secundus

Shall refund us."

The dispersion of which two papers, made all possessors of church lands and impropriators, together with all rectors and vicars of churches in Cornwall (except Mr. Beauford of Lantegles, and Mr. Polwhele of Newland,) to renounce their allegiance to King James, and to take an oath of fealty to the Prince of Orange, after his accession to the crown of England.


I shall take leave to add this interpretation of the words making up the name of this parish. Bote signifies help, succour, aid, or advantage; as in Bridgebote, Burgbote, Ploughbote, &c.; and Fleming, from its ancient lords the Flemings, which family was heretofore of good esteem in this county. In the times of Richard I. and of Henry III., the Flemings are recorded as having large possessions in Cornwall.


The following very extraordinary occurrence has taken place with respect to the estate of Hatt in this parish. A brother of the last Mr. William Symons went through his clerkship as an attorney with Mr. Rash-