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Bradock contains 2935 statute acres.

The annual value of the Real Property, £ s d
as returned to Parliament in 1815 1025 0 0
Poor rate in 1831 83 18 0

Population in 1801 in 1811 in 1821 in 1831
73 188 235 301;

being an increase of 74½ per cent. in 30 years.


This parish may be geologically considered as a part of Boconnoc. The substratum is the same. The rocks and stones are rather more quartzose, accompanied by an increased appearance of shorl.




St. Breock is situate in the hundred of Pyder, and hath upon the north St. Issy; east, Wadebridge on the Alan river; south, St. Wenn and Withiel; west, St. Columb Major.

The name is derived from St. Breock or Briock, the patron of this church, of one in the island of Guernsey, and perhaps of Breage near Helston.

This St. Breock was a native of Ireland, born at Cork about the fifth century. A man famous in his day, for the most strenuous support of the orthodox faith in opposition to Arianism, the heresy at that time distracting the Latin Church. He was bishop of a diocese in Armorica, now called Britany, where the place of his residence is at this day distinguished by his name.

This parish does not appear in the Bishop of Lincoln's valuation; but in that of Wolsey it is rated at 41l. 10s. 6d.