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The portion of this parish which is situated in Cornwall, measures no more than 851 statute acres.

Annual value of the Real Property, as £. s. d.

returned to Parliament in 1815 . 719

Poor Rate in 1831 80 1

Population, in 1801, in 1811, in 1821, in 1831, 191 176 238 250; giving an increase of just 31 per cent, in 30 years.

Present Vicar, the Rev. Thos. Hockin Kingdon, B.D.

Doctor Boase has not noticed this small division of a parish. The geology will probably be stated with that of some parish adjoining.



Budock is situate in the hundred of Kerrier, and hath upon the north Gluvias, east Falmouth, west Mawnan, south the British channel; and by the name of Bowidoc it was taxed in Domesday Roll, a corruption of Bud-oc, or Bud-ock, signifying a bay, cove, creek, haven, or inlet of waters, and oak; according to the ancient natural circumstances of the place.

In the inquisition of the Bishops of Lincoln and Win- chester, 1294, into the value of benefices, in order to the Pope's annats, ecclesia de Sancto Budoco, in de- canatu de Kerrier, is rated at 61. At that time, it seems, it was not consolidated into Gluvias ; though afterwards, in Wolsey's Inquisition, they were united, as will appear in that place. The patronage in the Bishop of Exeter, the incumbent Collyer; the rectory or sheaf in possession of Pendarves, and the parish rated to the 4s. per pound land-tax, 1696, 122/. 1 Is.

Against the south wall of this church stand some