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On the western side of this parish, behind Arwinnick, the seat of Sir Peter Killigrew, is a large pool, like a little harbour, between two hills, but that it hath a bar of sand and pebbles, which keepeth out the sea, like that of the Loe near Helston. It is commonly called the Swan Pool, for that Sir Peter Killigrew, to whom it belongs, kept abundance of swans here.

Trewoon, or Treoon, in this parish, the downy dwelling, or house in the downs, was the seat of the Carnsews, who had their name from their habitation at Carnsew in Mabe, where they formerly possessed a fine estate, which, being wasted by extravagant living, this barton was at first mortgaged, and a little after the late Revolution, sold by Mr. John Carnsew to Joseph Trewinnard, rector of Mawnan.


The manor of Penwerris, become of great value by its proximity to Falmouth, is the property of Lord de Dunstanville, derived from his grandmother Mary Pendarves of Roscrow. The best part of Falmouth itself is now built on this property, and distinguished by the name of Green Bank.

Budock measures 3507 statute acres.

The annual value of the Real Property, £. s. d.

as returned to Parliament in 1815 . 8618

The Poor Rate in 1832 640 8 0

in 1801, in 1811, in 1821, in 1831, Population, 779 1514 1634 1797;

being an increase on an hundred of 131 per cent.

The parish feast is celebrated on the Sunday before Advent.


The extreme western part, adjoining Mabe, consists of granite of a very crystalline variety, and excellent for