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Geological Survey of the whole County, made by himself.

To the Right Honorable HENEAGE FINCH, EARL OF AYLESFORD, for his allowing me the use of a Transcript of Mr. Hals' Parochial History as it now exists, formerly belonging to the late Mr. Lysons.

To GORDON WILLIAM FRANCIS GREGOR, Esq. for his supplying me with an emblazoned copy of the last Visitation of Cornwall by the Heralds in 1620.

To Sir HENRY ELLIS, K.H. F.R.S. Sec. S.A. for the communication of his MS. additions to Tanner's Notitia Monastica for Cornwall.

To the Rev. JOSIAH FORSHALL, M.A. F.R.S. late Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, and now Keeper of the Manuscripts in the British Museum, for his extracts from a very ancient Manuscript relative to the See of Bodmin.

I have to acknowledge, with my best thanks, the assistance of THOMAS HINGSTON, Esq. M.D. afforded by his arrangement of Extracts relating to Cornwall, from the Itinerary of William of Worcester; and by an original communication on the Etymology of Names of Places within the county.[1]

The only existing Manuscript of Mr. Tonkin's Work having remained for some years in the possession of Mr. Whitaker, he added to it various

  1. While this sheet is passing through the press, we have to lament the premature decease of Dr. Kingston, at Falmouth, on the 15th July 1837.