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and of thought, Mr. Fox has been led to investigate the important elements of variation and dip of the magnetic needle; and in pursuing these inquiries, he has invented an instrument possessed of far greater accuracy than any one previously employed, and which at this moment is in actual use, through the enlightened liberality of our own and other governments, in various and distant portions of the globe.

Mr. Henwood is about to lay before the Public a Work containing the results of more extensive and scientific researches into the nature of Lodes and Fissures, than have perhaps been ever executed by any individual. Mr. Henwood is well known to geologists: I shall therefore only add what I think myself bound in duty to notice, that an original appointment in the Stanneries, and a subsequent promotion, have been bestowed on Mr. Henwood, through the medium of Her Majesty's Duchy Officers, and principally of Sir George Harrison, in consideration of his scientific attainments, and of his desire to render these attainments available to the development of further inductions.

I have endeavoured to render the work cheap by adopting the octavo form, and by abstaining from all decoration, except a slight sketch of the Pitt Diamond, which by raising that family into an influential situation, has modified the fate of Europe in a degree impossible to have been contem-