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afterwards saints, martyrs, or confessors, leading the life of hermits in Devon and Cornwall." The same story is related by Giraldus Cambrensis and William of Worcester. Whitaker's Cathedral, vol. ii. pp.91, 98.


Advent contains the small villages of Treclogoe or Trelogoe, Pencarow, and Tresinny. Most of the estates in this parish are parcel of the duchy of Cornwall, being held as free and customary lands of the manor of Helston in Trigg. The manor of Trelagoe, Treclegoe, or Trenelgoe, after having been for some descents in the family of Phillipps, was bequeathed by the late Rev. William Phillipps, Rector of Lanteglos and Advent, to his nephew John Phillipps Carpenter, of Tavistock, Esq. whose son is the present proprietor.


Advent contains 2,844 statute acres.

Header text £. s. d.
Annual value of the real property, as returned to Parliament in 1815 1,396 0 0
Poor Rates in 1815 115 1 0
Population in 1801 in 1811 in 1821 in 1831
170 219 229 244;

or 43½ per cent, increase in thirty years.


The eastern part of this parish consists of granite, forming a portion of an extensive group of this rock, in which are situated Roughtor and Brown Willy, the highest hills in Cornwall. This granite is of the ordinary kind, large grained, and often porphyritic. It contains beds of fine-grained rocks, in some of which crystalline felspar, quartz, and mica, constitute the entire mass; but in others these minerals are embedded in a basis of compact, or rather of granular felspar, which is itself apparently a compound of felspar and quartz.

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