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Exeter to the Land's-End passed, before the present turnpike road was made. The antient mile-stones remain, and a house at Zelah is still called the Tavern.


Nothing satisfactory appears to be ascertained respecting the name of this parish; nor does the anniversary of the Feast afford any clue, as it is celebrated on Rogation Sunday, that is on the Sunday before Easter.

St. Allen contains 3493 statute acres. Annual value of the Real Property, as re- £. s. d. turned to Parliament in 1815 . 2468 Poor Rate in 1831 .... 388 19 IQ 18<21 > in 1831 ' 471 637.

Increase of population on a hundred, in thirty years 76.9, or 77 per cent.

Present Rector, Rev. Nicholas Dyer, instituted in 1794.


To the geologist this parish does not afford many interesting objects. It is, however, more favourable than the last to agriculture; although it contains several tracts of barren ground of the same nature as Prince's Common, which will be described in another place. Its rocks are not distinctly characterised, being situated on the transition between the porphyritic and the calcareous groups of slate formation.



Altar Nun is situate in the hundred of Lesnewth, and hath upon the north Davidstow and St. Cleather, south part of Northill and Lawanack, east Trewenn, west Temple,