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East Anthony. Mr. Carew hath given a full account how this manor came to his family (p. 244 of Lord Dunstanville's edition); I shall therefore only take notice here that the present Lord of East Anthony, so called in respect of its situation from the church, is Sir William Carew, a gentleman that in every respect comes up to the merits of the greatest of his ancestors. He married the Lady Anne Coventry, only daughter and heir of Gilbert Earl of Coventry, by whom he hath one son, Coventry Carew, Esq. He had also a daughter, Anne, who died in the bloom of her age. Sir William Carew hath lately built a stately house here of Penteran stone; and hath adorned it with gardens, &c. suitable to it. From the bowling-green above the house is a beautiful prospect of the river, and of all the country round.

Thanks, in this parish; perhaps from Angosa conspectus, sight through Angosa, the sight or view as lying open to the river. This was formerly the seat of a family, Searle, who gave for their arms, Argent, a chevron Sable, between three birds Azure, with breasts, bills, and legs Gules. Thanks now belongs to Thomas Graves, Esq. who hath been for several years a captain of a man-of-war. [Ancestor of the present Lord Graves.]


I may repeat the words of Mr. Tonkin, in respect to the Right Hon. Reginald Pole Carew, the present possessor of East Anthony in right of his mother (1832)—— "He is a gentleman that in every respect comes up to the merits of the greatest of his ancestors."

This parish measures 2,903 statute acres.

The annual value of the Real Property, £. s. d.

as returned to Parliament in 1815 . . 6,36l

The Poor Rate in 1832 . . . . . . . . . 994 1