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ritable country people, whom he had persecuted with lawsuits, wished that all the rest of his brethren of the inferior practice of the law, would make up of the same expedient to hasten out of this life to Paradise as he did, for the ease and public good of the inhabitants of this county.

In this parish liveth Cur-lyon, Gent, that married Hawkins, and giveth for his arms, in a field ....., a bezant between two castles. Now, though the name be local, from a place in Keye parish so called, yet if I were admitted to judge or conjecture, I would say this family of Cur-Lyon, by its name and arms, were the descendants of Richard Curlyon, alias King Richard I. of whom our chronologers say, that a priest of France told him he had three daughters, Pride, Covetousness, and Lechery; which three daughters the King replied he would thus dispose of: 1, Pride to the Templars and Hospitalers; 2, Covetousness to the Monks of the Cistertian order; and, 3, Lechery to the clergy in general.


St. Blaze, usually called St. Blazey. In this parish is Roselian, or Rose-Sillian, an ancient seat belonging to the family of Kellio, and was lately the residence of Shadrack Vincent Vincent, Esq. in right of his wife, daughter of Richard Kellio, Esq.

This Shadrack Vincent was the second son of Henry Vincent, of Tresimple. He signalized himself in the wars of Flanders, and since the Revolution he has been member of parliament for the borough of Fowey, and has nobly founded a school there.

Adjoining to Roselian is Trenawick, which was sold by .... Kellio, Esq. to Hugh Williams, Gent, son to Williams of Trewithon in Probus, who built a new house on the estate.

The manor of Trengreene, or Tregoryon, is the dwell-