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depend the ultimate benefits of such progress. Until justice is again blindfolded, and a man can secure redress for wrongs and be secure in the enjoyment of the results of his own labour, railroads, telegraphs and postal facilities can be only added instruments of oppression.

Special emphasis should be laid upon the forward movement of missions along eleemosynary lines. The well-equipped Severance Memorial Hospital has been lately completed and is doing a work of untold value. The munificence of friends in America has also resulted in the erection and equipment of excellent foreign hospitals in Fusan and Pyeng-Yang. The Young Men's Christian Association is erecting, by the munificence of Mr. John Wanamaker, a handsome and commodious building in Seoul, where the association has made surprising advances and bids fair to prove an elevating instrument of enormous potency. Rapid advancement is being made along the line of publication, and the present plan of cooperation between the different Protestant missions promises large returns in every field of moral, intellectual and social activity.