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This page needs to be proofread.
Rossetti MS.

9 But if thy Nation Arts refuse,
And if they scorn the immortal Muse,
France shall the arts of Peace restore
And save thee from the ungrateful shore.'
13 Spirit who lov'st Brittannia's Isle
Round which the Fiends of Commerce smile —

12 And . . . shore] And save thy works from Britain's shore MS. Book
1st rdg. del. 13, 14 Spirit . . . smile]

'Spirit who lovest Britannia's shore
Round which the Fiends of Commerce roar.'

EY. 14 Cp. Advertisement (MS. Book, p. 25), ' In a commercial nation
impostors are abroad in all professions. These are the greatest enemies of


Nail his neck to the Cross: nail it with a nail.
Nail his neck to the Cross: ye all have power over his

MS. Book, p. 79. EY ii. 57 wrongly regard this as part of The Everlasting
Gospel, 'for which no place can be assigned.'


1 The Caverns of the Grave I've seen,
And these I shew'd to England's Queen.
But now the Caves of Hell I view,
Who shall I dare to shew them to?
5 What mighty Soul in Beauty's form
Shall dauntless View the Infernal storm?

MS. Book. p. 87, on same page as part of Blake's descriptive account of
his picture of 'The Last Judgment,' headed 'For the Year 1810 : Addition
to Blake's Catalogue of Pictures, &c.' Swinb. p. 55, WMR p. 170, EY iii.
74, WBY p. 140, all except Swinb. with title ' For a Picture of the Last
Judgment : Dedication.' WMR (p. 144) seems unaware that this poem
forms part of the MS. Book.
1 Caverns] Visions MS. Book 1st rdg. del. 3 But] And MS. Book 1st
rdg. del. 4 Who] Whom WMR, EY, WBY. 6 daunt'ess] dare to
MS. Book 1st rdg. del.