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The RAPE of the LOCK.

Who ſwell their Proſpects and exalt their Pride,

When Offers are diſdain'd, and Love deny'd.

Then gay Ideas crowd the vacant Brain,

While Peers and Dukes, and all their ſweeping Train,

And Garters, Stars, and Coronets appear,

And in ſoft Sounds, Your Grace ſalutes their Ear.

'Tis theſe that early taint the Female Soul,

Instruct the Eyes of young Coquettes to roll,

Teach Infants Cheeks a bidden Bluſh to know,

And little Hearts to flutter at a Beau.

Oft when the World imagine Women ſtray,

The Sylphs thro' myſtick Mazes guide thier Way,

Thro' all the giddy Circle they purſue,

And old Impertinence expel by new.

What tender Maid but muſt a Victim fall

To one Man's Treat, but for another's Ball?

When Florio ſpeaks, what Virgin could withſtand,

If gentle Damon did not ſqueeze her Hand?