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The RAPE of the LOCK.

The Tortoiſe here and Elephant unite,

Transform'd to Combs, the ſpeckled and the white.

Here Files of Pins extend their ſhining Rows,

Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-doux.

Now awful Beauty puts on all its Arms;

The Fair each moment riſes in her Charms,

Repairs her Smiles, awakens ev'ry Grace,

And calls forth all the Wonders of her Face;

Sees by Degrees a purer Bluſh ariſe,

And keener Lightnings quicken in her Eyes.

The buſy Sylphs ſurround their darling Care;

Theſe ſet the Head, and thoſe divide the Hair,

Some fold the Sleeve, while others plait the Gown;

And Betty's prais'd for Labours not her own.