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The RAPE of the LOCK.

Her lively Looks a ſprightly Mind diſcloſe,

Quick as her Eyes, and as unfix'd as thoſe:

Favours to none, to all ſhe Smiles extends,

Oft ſhe rejects, but never once offends.

Bright as the Sun, her Eyes the Gazers ſtrike,

And, like the Sun, they ſhine on all alike.

Yet graceful Eaſe, and Sweetneſs void of Pride,

Might hide her Faults, if Belles had faults to hide:

If to her ſhare some Female Errors fall,

Look on her Face, and you'll forget 'em all.

This Nymph, to the Deſtruction of Mankind,

Nouriſh'd two Locks, which graceful hung behind

In equal Curls, and well conſpir'd to deck

With ſhining Ringlets her ſmooth Iv'ry Neck.

Love in theſe Labyrinths his Slaves detains,

And mighty Hearts are held in ſlender Chains.

With hairy Sprindges we the Birds betray,

Slight Lines of Hair ſurprize the Finny Prey,