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The RAPE of the LOCK.

Do thou, Criſpiſſa, tend her fav'rite Lock;

Ariel himſelf ſhall be the Guard of Shock.

To Fifty choſen Sylphs, of ſpecial Note,

We trust th' important Charge, the Petticoat.

Oft have we known that ſev'nfold Fence to fail;

Tho' ſtiff with Hoops, and arm'd with Ribs of Whale.

Form a ſtrong Line about the Silver Bound,

And guard the wide Circumference around.

Whatever Spirit, careleſs of his Charge,

His Poſt neglects, or leaves the Fair at large,

Shall feel ſharp Vengeance ſoon o'ertake his Sins,

Be ſtopt in Vials, or transfixt with Pins;

Or plung'd in Lakes of bitter Waſhes lie,

Or wedg'd whole Ages in a Bodkin's Eye:

Gums and Pomatums ſhall his Flight reſtrain,

While clog'd he beats his ſilken Wings in vain;

Or Alom-Stypticks with contracting Power

Shrink his thin Eſſence like a rivell'd Flower.